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About us
We are Chantal and Stefan Brussel and since 2020 we own a small family oriëntated Ragdoll Cattery in Sint Pancras, The Netherlands. Our Queens and King can roam freely throughout our house and enclosed back yard. Our animals are part of our family and receive all the love and attention they deserve. Now and then we have a litter of Ragdolls in the colors Blue, Seal and Red Bicolor and Blue or Seal Tortie

The well-being  of our cats and kittens always comes first! That is why all cats we breed with are tested for HCM, PKD, Fiv and Felv. Also our females only have a litter ones a year. Our full policy can be found via the button below.

We are registered at the Dutch TICA club - Cats and Tulips.



If you have any questions after visiting our website, please contact us. 


BellaNotte Fernando 2
BellaNotte Feline 2
BellaNotte Fiona 2
BellaNotte Floortje 1

The kittens of Vayenne have been born!

She had four lovely kittens; Fernando ♂ (reserved), Feline ♀ (reserved), Fiona ♀(reserved) and Floortje ♀ (reserved)

Meet our future king Wunderduene Toffee a.k.a Macho

We proudly present our Future king Wunderduene Toffee a.ka. Macho. He is a Seal Mitted and a real rascal. He is very social and loves to play.

Meet our new Queen Amulet's J'Adore

We proudly present our newest queen Amulet's J'Adore. She is a Blue Bicolor and already acting like a princess!

What is a Ragdoll?

A Ragdoll is a big cat. Ragdoll literally means 'rag doll', because the cat really hangs in the arms of its owner.


Its coat is medium length, silky soft and does not normally tangle. Point Ragdoll kittens are born bright white after which the colors slowly become clear. It is not until around the third year that it is fully grown and colored. Males then weigh between 5 and 10 kilos, an adult female weighs about 3 to 6 kilos.


Ragdolls fall under the point cats, Colourpoint. This means that the points, so the ears, legs, tail and mask are colored while the body is lighter colored. Point Ragdolls have blue eyes.


The colors of the Ragdoll are Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Creme and Tortie, all these colors also come in lynx (tabby).


The Ragdoll comes in three main varieties, namely Colourpoint, Mitted and Bi-color.


“Ragdolls are quite calm, affectionate cats. They are very social, very people oriented, very curious and friendly.”

– Wikipedia


Some nice action photos

Here are some nice action photos of our cats. They are very play full and love to stroll around the garden.

Fleur in tuin