Our Policy

Our policy

All our kittens come from healthy parents with beautiful pedigrees. Both parents have been tested for FIV and FeLV,
checked for PKD and HCM via Echo and have been tested via DNA for hereditary abnormalities.


It is of course always possible to view all the tests of the parents during a visit to our cattery.


Our kittens are born in our bedroom. This is where they will stay for the first weeks of their lives.
From week 4 they grow up in our living room, together with our other cats. First in an enclosure, but after a few weeks they are allowed to roam freely inside the house and will have access to an enclosed backyard to play outside.

In this way the kittens are well socialized when they reach the age to be allowed to move house.


Both our kittens and adults are fed Farmina. They also receive Royal Canin, Cosma, Almo Nature and Applaws.


Our Kittens leave the nest when they are 15 Weeks (The Netherlands) and 16 weeks (abroad) old.

They get a nice pedigree, an European passport, have been vaccinated twice, have been dewormed several times,
are microchipped, are parasite-free, housebroken and well-bred and sterilized/neutered if sold as pets.
Kittens that move abroad are also vaccinated against rabies. These kittens therefore have to stay with us for 21 days longer.


When booking a kitten, we ask for a deposit of €200. Unfortunately, if you cancel, you cannot get this deposit back.
This of course does not apply if the cancellation comes from our side.


We expect that our kittens are not allowed to roam freely outside at their future houses. An enclosed garden is of course allowed.

In addition, they should not sit alone all day. Ragdolls are very social and need company. This can be another cat or dog.


We always bring the kittens to the new owner our selve so we can be sure that our kittens arrive at their new owner in full health and with as less stress as possible. We only ask for a small fee to cover the travel expenses.

Of course you are very welcome to come and admire the kittens. When the kittens are at least 5 weeks old, they can receive visitors.